Marisa Miller

Marisa Miller is not in the new SI Swimsuit Edition. A year after she graces the cover, she is not in. That's like winning the Cy Young Award and then having the manager bench you in the World Series. She must have contract obligations with Victoria's Secret and Harley Davidson. One word describes both - WOW. She now probably graces the sceen savers of many male computers. Guilty.

Doug Mientkiewicz is still looking for a spot on someone's roster. As a big Doug Mientkiewicz fan, I want him to find a team so I can at least see his name in the sports page statistics. As one of the best defensive first basemen to ever play, he is yet again in search of somewhere to play. That is what I like about him, he keeps grinding through, team by team. Unfortunetly for him, strictly defensively-gifted first basemen are not in hot demand anymore. But if he gets a spot on a Major League team this year, we will see him in a couple more Web Gem segments. Pittsburgh might have done him some good last season by showing other teams that he can play third base. But we'll see how it turns out. Defense is underrated.

Spring Training begins. Good time of year I think. It also means that spring is around the corner up here in Minnesota. Curious to see the new Spring Training batting practice caps. Last years weren't bad but I didn't like the stripes on the sides. This is very important news.

Springsteen plays the Super Bowl and tickets for new Spring and Summer Working On A Dream tour go on sale. First he goes out and pulls off the greatest half-time performance of all-time, and then the NEXT DAY his tickets hit Ticketmaster. Wonderful two day span for us fans.

And we move on...

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