Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews

One thing is on everyone's mind when they turn on ESPN.

Is it Peter Gammons? No.

Is it Albert Pujols? No.

Is it Jay Bilas? No.

Is it the game? No.

Is it Erin Andrews? Yes.

Erin Andrews is to sideline reporting as Hamilton Porter is to "The Sandlot", as Rachel McAdams is to "Wedding Crashers", as Doug Heffernan is to the "King of Queens", or as what Doug Mientkiewicz is to defensive first basemen. Everything.

I have had a crush on her since the day I first saw her at a Major League Baseball game on ESPN. Pretty form, great talker, fun, sexy as can be. But what she is best at is mystique. Since she is always dressed in professional attire, we never see her in a bikini or in Daisy Dukes. Why else do you think she is always voted as "Celebrity We Would Like To See On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated's Swinsuit Edition." It's because we haven't seen her like that! This is one of her best features, mystique is. If men would spend as much time building homes as thinking about Erin in a bikini, we would each have twenty log cabins up. Absolutely gorgeous.

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  1. Trust me, I have tried to google image her in a bikini, I got nothin. My roomate that lives downstairs is absolutely in lust with her.