Favorite Places To Watch A Game

Ranking what would be your favorite places to watch a game (even if you haven’t ever been there) can make the time fly by. So here we go…
(In no order)

Fenway Park – Opened in 1912. It’s great for all of the reasons already known. Not to mention Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band played there in the summer of 2003 during their Rising Tour (This had to be included). I haven’t heard many people say this wouldn’t be on their list of stadiums to go see in their lifetime. Plus it could be entertaining for one inning to hear the guy sitting in front of you complaining about how the Yankees can afford anybody they want.

Camden Yards (Oriole Park) – I don’t get it why this one doesn’t get more talk. I’ve never been there but every time there is an Oriole game on T.V. or I see a photo or highlight of it, it just looks too cool. I liked to play my video games of MLB in this stadium in the nighttime. Camden Yards is like the Bruce song “I’m Goin’ Down.” It’s great, but for some reason it flies under everyone’s radar and/or goes completely unspoken of.

Metrodome (in the playoffs) - The Metrodome (for baseball) is not good. However, the Metrodome come playoff time is much, much better. The white Homer Hankies combined with the white ceiling combine to make the dome a wild place to be in the playoffs. ESPN Classic showed the 1991 World Series Game 7 with Jack Morris and the Twins against a young John Smoltz and the Atlanta Braves the other night and it proved that the Dome can actually look pretty cool. The dome’s ceiling can be a humorous aspect of home field advantage as well.

The Old Chicago Stadium (Chicago Bulls) – I think I’ve told myself subconsciously that this would be on my list. The Bulls won championships here and Jordan kissed the floor goodbye. Seeing a game in the 1993 Finals against Charles Barkley would have been great.

Williams Arena (Minnesota Gophers) – The hoops here used to have duck tape on them. Many seats have a pole in their face. It’s strange that so many students out of 60 some thousand don’t go to the games.

Wrigley Field – For a long while, Wrigley never built a lighting system so games were always played in the afternoons. Now they have lights and the games in the night seem just as cool as the games before night fall. Thankfully WGN is aired outside of Illinois.

PNC Park – If the Pirates were more competitive, this stadium would jump into everyone’s minds much faster. The big bridge in the background out from centerfield and the river make it one of the coolest looking ballparks.

LA Coliseum – Home of USC Trojans football. The final shoot-out scene from” Money Talks” featuring Chris Tucker was also filmed at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Note: The Rose Bowl makes the list, too.

AT&T Park (San Francisco Giants) – Much like Kenny Mayne did in the 2007 home run derby, I’d want to spend the first 5 or so innings in a kayak out in the bay and then spend the last innings in an upper deck seat overlooking the bay (on a 75 degree day or night only). Also like Kenny Mayne, I wouldn’t mind being interviewed by Erin Andrews.

Others include the Xcel Energy Center, Cameron Indoor Stadium for a Carolina/Duke game, Boston Garden for '09 Cavs/Celtics KG/Lebron playoff game, Coors Field at sunset, Yankee Stadium in the playoffs vs. the Minnesota Twins or Boston Red Sox.


  1. Students don't go to the U of M basketball games because the Gophers suck, I told you this numberous times. And do your research better jackass, there are only 40,000 students at the U

  2. I think some of it has to do with that students have their heads up their ass.

  3. I just looked this up.. according to Wikipedia there are 51,140 students that go to the U of M so tell that pregnant O'Donnell kid to shut his mouth